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Our Company

We collaborate with clients for empathic solutions resulting in the best user experiences for their services and products.

The Creative Founders

We put customers first.

Dominica Jamir, an extraordinarily artistic computer whiz, graduated summa cum laude with a master of arts degree in UX/UI design and development from New York Tech, brings fresh, valuable insights on the potential future uses of emerging technologies for consumers and society.

Bryan Feol, another creative, globally traveled and socially astute, adds about 17 years of empathic HR talent management experience from working for the NYSE and Wall Street.   


Both believe in narrowing the gap between consumers and technology, through effective communication, user-friendly interfaces, and user experiences. 

Co-founder and President
Bryan A. Feol

Manages customer relations, business, and logistics.

Co-founder and Creative Director
B. T. Dominica Jamir

Directs, designs, and provides consultation on AR/VR and UX/UI.

What We Do

Our Vision

As a client-focused company, our vision is to collaborate effectively with our clients to deliver extraordinary design and development solutions to make their businesses, services, and products outstanding.

We provide consultation to clients and teams on Virtual Reality (VR).

VR set design: Producers and artistic directors in show business during the ideation process can reduce costs using dynamic VR sets.

VR-enhanced learning: Traditional 2D education material when enhanced as 3D on VR accessible devices via a web-based platform, opens up business opportunities.

VR multiplayer experience: Multiple global participants can meet and virtually interact in a VR space.

We provide consultation to clients and teams on Augmented Reality (AR).

AR filters: Widely used in social media, opportunities abound to use filters for promotional and advertising purposes.

AR experience: Potential applications include visual storytelling, wayfinding.

We consult to capture the unique essence of your brand identity by exploring color, type, imagery, and style.

•  Provide advisory and consultancy on brand expression to align with the client's business objectives.

We can design new or enhance your existing digital products for user-friendliness and customer attraction.

We provide consultation and review the client's UX/UI process and provide insights to reshape a product's strategy to gain maturity.

We collaborate to ideate, discover, design, execute, and innovate user interfaces.

• 'FamilyNest': A website prototype, app, and wearable prototype created so authorized users can monitor and manage a senior family member's health and wellness. Useful to health and medical industries.

• 'Fake News Buster': A website prototype platform to help identify inauthentic buzz versus authentic news to make informed decisions or purchases.

We can provide customized training to help your key teams approach issues from a user-centric perspective through the application of design-thinking techniques.

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