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Moulin AR Filter

Moulin face filter inspired by Moulin Rouge! the musical, created in Spark AR and published by Instagram and Facebook.

Rendition of an Entertainment Set in VR

A Cirque VR Experience: Cirque du Soleil, the global phenomenon, reinvented the traditional circus using extraordinary vision, talent, and over-the-top artistic creativity since 1984. This cirque-inspired VR rendition was created to provide a visual landscape of immersive entertainment and be useful for set designers.

Learning in VR; the VR Experience in the Classroom

Dominica Jamir uses Virtual Reality tech to enhance a traditional 2D biochemistry lesson into an immersive prototype, of an interactive learning experience through a 3D web-based platform accessible via headsets and from almost anywhere – remotely  –  with an internet-enabled device. The video depicts the enhanced lesson as an extraordinary immersive learning and teaching experience; complete with a unique student-friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources, and simple-to-use teacher controls to help everyone prepare for the inevitable future in learning. To view the UX process, click here.

Orion's Eyes in VR

A multiplayer "spaceship" prototype VR experience in four different rooms.

FamilyNest UX/UI

The UX/UI design of the ‘FamilyNest’ website concept was developed by Dominica Jamir as part of a team effort that also created an app and a wearable intended to help family members and caretakers of seniors who may need assistance. The website is intended for use by authorized person(s) to monitor and manage a senior (the wearer’s) health, sleep cycle, location, contacts, appointments and other details. To view the UX process, click here.

Fake News Buster UX/UI

Anyone with a mobile phone or a computer can ‘publish’ anything online which can go viral and be mistaken for genuine news. To identify and minimize the spread of fake news, which arguably is counterproductive, if not disastrous, Dominica Jamir designed the UX/UI of ‘Fake News Buster’- a website concept that shines a spotlight on this issue and its effects on one’s perception of reality.  Consumers who identify manufactured ‘buzz’ can make wiser decisions. To view the UX process, click here.

Singapore Airlines Rebranding

2022 Indigo Design Award, Silver for Airline, and Silver for Logos.

According to many global traveler surveys and the Conde Nast Traveler publication in particular, “Singapore is known for setting records—from holding the number one spot on our Readers’ Choice Awards for more than three decades…” Singapore’s national history, identity, culture, and hospitality go back to ancient times and are strongly grounded in excellence, multiculturalism, and inclusiveness. Drawing inspiration from their gorgeous, national flower, Singapore Airline’s rebranding unique color palette is based on an orchid. The choice for a Lion head as an initially hand-drawn, artistic logo, perfectly represents Singapore globally as the Lion City.

Johnston Typeface Usage

2022 Indigo Design Award, Bronze for Typography.

Utilizing the “Johnston” typeface, this typography poster was created to dramatically visualize the historical connection between Edward Johnston, the creator of the typeface in 1916, its prominent use in the London Underground (subway) since 1933, and, the thousands of British citizens saved during World War II.